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Unlock Your Full Potential as a Power-Based Running Coach with the Stryd Power Coaching Group

Program Overview


What You Will Learn

The Stryd Power Coaching Program is a comprehensive, interactive learning experience that provides in-depth knowledge on applying cutting-edge power-based training principles to your coaching practice. As a student, you will receive extensive instruction on:

  • The science and fundamentals of power-based training

  • How to personalize training plans using tools like Critical Power, Power Duration Curve, and Running Stress Score

  • Periodization and peaking strategies for power-based training

  • Analyzing running form, economy and injury risk with advanced Stryd metrics, like Stryd Footpath

  • Leveraging Stryd's ecosystem and coaching tools to save time and enhance athlete outcomes

  • Growing your coaching business and profile with your new power-based training expertise

What’s Included

  • 10 in-depth learning modules covering power-based training theory and application

  • Hands-on assignments to reinforce learnings and build practical coaching skills

  • Regular live Q&A sessions with Stryd's expert coaches and special guest speakers

  • Access to the private Stryd Coaches' Community for ongoing support and knowledge sharing

  • Exclusive discounts on Stryd products for you and your athletes

  • Stryd Power-Based Coach certification upon completion

Who This Program is For

The Stryd Power Coaching Program is ideal for both new and experienced running coaches who are curious about using running power in their coaching or already using running power across road, track, trail, triathlon disciplines and more!

Invest in Your Coaching Mastery

For just $99/year, you'll gain access to unparalleled education in power-based training, time-saving Stryd tools to enhance your coaching efficiency, and exclusive benefits to jumpstart your coaching business - all while connecting with a vibrant community of like-minded, passionate running coaches.

This group is reserved for dedicated running coach professionals.

In order to join the Stryd Power Coaching Group, you must demonstrate a proven digital coaching profile, complete the coaching course, and pass the course test for certification.

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Program Benefits

As part of the Stryd Power Coaching Group, you gain access to a suite of exclusive & valuable benefits:

  • 3 USAT CEU Credits for Course Completion: Earn 3 USAT CEU credits with Stryd’s coaching course to bolster your coaching credentials
  • Coach’s View for Monitoring & Membership Access for Athletes: Stryd's coaching view that will help you save time strategizing with your athletes while making more effective training and racing recommendations and offer them direct membership benefits.
  • Stryd Certification: Become a certified power-based training expert.
  • Extensive Video Content & Coaching Resource Library: Enhance your coaching skills with our comprehensive educational materials.
  • Coaches' Community Access & Ongoing Educational Updates: Stay updated with the latest in running science and connect with like-minded professionals.
  • Discounted First Stryd Order & Exclusive Group Discounts: Enjoy a discounted 50% off first Stryd order and 15% off exclusive group discounts, which make your investment in the Stryd Coaching Group pay for itself.

In order to offer these incredible benefits, we have had to implement a small number of restrictions to prevent abuse and make program viable. Read more here >

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Business Growth & Marketing Resources

As part of the Stryd Power Coaching Program, we are committed to not only enhancing your coaching skills but also providing you with the resources and mentorship necessary to grow your coaching business. Our Marketing Resources section is designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools to effectively market your services, gain exposure, and establish yourself as a leading coach in the endurance running community.

To help you showcase your expertise and connect with potential clients, we offer a comprehensive suite of marketing resources. These resources cover essential topics such as social media marketing, website optimization, and email marketing strategies.

  • Grow Your Exposure on Social Media: Access tips and tutorials to create engaging content and follow proven strategies from top accounts.

  • Convert Interested Runners into Paying Clients: Utilize email marketing strategies to successfully turn prospects into paying clients.

  • Capture Interest & Market Your Services: Optimize your website and funnels to capture interest and effectively market your services.

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Stryd Coaching Course Syllabus

Coaches joining the Stryd Power Coaching Group will embark on a comprehensive journey through power-based training, gaining insights and skills that transform their coaching approach and athlete performance. Here's an overview of what you'll learn in each module of the Stryd Coaching Course:

  • Module 1 - An Overview of Power-Based Training with Stryd: Understand the fundamentals of power-based training and how it revolutionizes running by focusing on efficiency and precision. Learn about the Stryd ecosystem, including hardware and software capabilities that offer real-time intensity tracking and detailed run analysis.

  • Module 2 - Setting Training Intensities with Critical Power & Power Zones: Master the art of determining an athlete's Critical Power (CP) as a cornerstone for setting personalized training zones. This module will cover how to use CP to tailor workout intensities that optimize performance and recovery.

  • Module 3 - Personalizing Training with the Power Duration Curve: Dive into the Power Duration Curve's role in identifying an athlete's strengths and weaknesses. Learn to customize training to improve endurance and power output across different race distances.

  • Module 4 - Periodizing Training with Running Stress Score: Understand how to use the Running Stress Score (RSS) and Running Stress Balance (RSB) for effective training load management. This module focuses on balancing workload and recovery to enhance performance without overtraining.

  • Module 5 - Creating a Power-Based Training Plan: Learn the principles of building a  training plan for an athlete. This includes a framework for how customize a training plan for an athlete's goals and needs.

  • Module 6 - Creating a Power-Based Race Plan: Gain insights into formulating race strategies based on power metrics. This module teaches how to set realistic power targets for different race conditions and terrains, ensuring athletes can perform their best.

  • Module 7 - Updating Training and Racing Intensities for Environmental Conditions: Explore how environmental factors like heat, altitude, and wind affect running power. Learn strategies for adjusting training and race plans to account for these variables.

  • Module 8 - Analyzing Training with Stryd Footpath: Discover the power of Stryd Footpath for detailed run analysis. Coaches will learn to interpret footpath data to improve running form, identify injury risk factors, and track recovery.

  • Module 9 - Applying Stryd’s Other Metrics to Coaching: Dive deeper into Stryd’s extensive metrics, including Form Power, Leg Spring Stiffness, Impact Loading Rate and more. Learn how to use these metrics for a holistic approach to your coaching.

  • Module 10 - Using Stryd Coach's View, Final Surge, and TrainingPeaks: Explore the integration of Stryd with popular coaching platforms. This module covers how to efficiently manage athlete data, plan workouts, and track progress using these tools. We'll demonstrate how to access Stryd Coach's View and create structured power-based workouts using third-party platforms.

The course culminates in an End of Course Multi-Choice Quiz, testing your knowledge and application of the concepts learned throughout the modules. This approach ensures that upon completion, coaches are well-equipped to leverage power-based training principles to guide their athletes towards achieving their running goals with greater precision and effectiveness.

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Ready to join?

It is our goal to gather the most passionate running coaches in the world to share knowledge and empower each other as part of the Stryd Power Coaching Group.

This group is reserved for dedicated running coach professionals.

In order to join the Stryd Power Coaching Group, you must demonstrate a proven digital coaching profile, complete the coaching course, and pass the course test for certification.

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